Joe Vender
Joe Vender
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Private Family Burial
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Tiferes Israel Cemetery, Dieppe
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Thanks to all from near and far, especially our Edmundston friends for their generous donations and kind words sent on behalf of the passing of Joe Vender.

Best regards,

Mona, Ron, Sharon.


Joe Vender passed away on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, Fredericton.

It is with deep sadness that I am here with my family and friends to honor Joe Vender as this is how he was known in Edmundston born and brought up there.  First of all, he was a wonderful husband/confidante/friend for the last 61 1/2 years, we had a great life together, travelling the many places we wanted to visit of interest to us. He loved telling jokes and would even steal my punchline before I got to it. Whenever he would meet someone new, he would always come up with Mona/Monique was born in Paris and is a Holocaust Survivor and then I would say, YES THAT IS TRUE, IMPORTED FROM PARIS AND IS STILL PAYING DUTY, that would bring a chuckle to him.  He was so proud where I came from thus, we visited Paris 3 times visiting whatever family I had left there.

He would love to have people over to the house but when I fussed too much he complained he had too many dishes, pots and pans to clean, so the next time I told him we are having another dinner party he said, "why do you have to use a plate for everything, you don't need that many plates and glasses on the table because he knew that it was his job that he volunteered to help in this way, even when we had the dishwasher.  

We both participated in the Edmundston community Service Clubs, Victorian Order of Nurses, Rotary Club. We volunteered as VIP delegates at our summer festival called the Foire Brayonne for 13 years and enjoyed playing bridge at home as well as at the duplicate bridge club.  He volunteered at the hospital but came home so sad that he could no longer give his time for this. Every room he entered they would say ALLO JOE VENDER, they were so happy to see him he knew the people from the outskirts in the countryside as he would go and buy deer/moose skins place them in a special shed and salt each one for resale to the tanneries.  Then he still wanted to volunteer he helped the Red Cross and delivered Meals on Wheels.

People would say they had never seen a scrap yard so neat in their lives. Joe would know what was in every pile and go right to it if someone needed a piece of scrap, he also knew what was there and then not there when we would return from our trips.  He worked hard in his life and always strived to please his customers and help them out if they had a problem building or repairing anything. Then there was his snow removal business and was thrilled that he was granted the Gov't buildings, the post office, the customs, the RCMP.  Besides that he would go up the different side streets and knew where the elderly lived and just go in and clean their driveways without even asking for a penny, that was his kindness, generosity and compassion he showed for his BRAYON FRIENDS, that is what the citizens were called there, it derives from a person weaving blankets,etc.

Last but not least, he adored and loved his children son, Ron (Ronnie) and daughter Sharon. He was always ready to change their diapers or any accidents that occurred in their cribs, he enjoyed watching them play with his bongos when the stereo music was on, let Ron drive his truck to High School as the name on it said R.VENDER which covered his Dad's and Ron's name. they both grew up to be successful in their chosen careers, Ron being a Dermatologist in Ontario and Sharon an outstanding Hairdresser, they were loved and their patients/clients were always speaking highly of them which of course made Joe and I very proud. Ron and Loretta gave us with much joy 2 grandsons, Reid now 25 who has graduated in the medicine field and Ross 23 who has become a Wealth Management Director after graduating in Business Administration.  Sharon, Dad's pride and joy has 2 daughters, Ashley 32 who is an elementary teacher married to Ben Pendleton has gifted us 2 wonderful great grandchildren, RJ 6 yrs. and Cora 3 yrs. So, which means that Sharon is their Bubbie and I am Bubbie Mona. Diane is also the kid's DiDi and a second daughter to Joe and I.  Lauren 30 and her husband Anthony are busy with their careers as well, Lauren has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree and is now a Registered Nurse working in the Portland Hospital. You can well imagine how Joe and I were/are proud of our children and grandchildren's accomplishments.

I want to thank those that were able to be here with us today and on Zoom showing their love and support for me and my family as well for their kind words of encouragement.  We all love you my handsome good-looking Joe, I will miss you lots and the fun moments we had together. May you rest in peace.  Your memories will be a blessing to us all.

A private family burial will take place at Tiferes Israel Cemetery in Dieppe, NB.

Fergusons Funeral Home, 1657 Mountain Road, Moncton (858-1995) in care of arrangements.

In lieu of flowers you may make a donation to the charity of your choice.


Joe Vender